Hyunsook Cho



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2023   Reset: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2019   Rethinking Paper : lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2015   Drawing the Line: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California                    
2013   Dialogue with Time: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2012   There to Here: works on paper by Hyunsook Cho: Gallery Dooin, Seoul, Korea
2010   Sketches of China: works on paper by Hyunsook Cho: Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California
1996    Abstract Visions: John N Joe Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1993    One Person Show: LACA Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1990    Becoming: L'Ultima, Santa Monica, California
1985    Landscape: Korean Cultural Service Gallery, Los Angeles, California
           Stone Series: L.A. Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1982    New Sculpture: L.A. Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1981    From Representation to Spot: Malibu Beach, California
1978    Connection: Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea



2022  Adieu 2022: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
          Recovery: Face A Gallery, Los Angeles, California
          The Phoenix Project, Continuing the dialogue from 1992: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

2021  Heart & Hand: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
         COVID-19 Beyond the Time: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2020  2020 Thai- Los Angeles International Workshop and Art Exchange: The Art
         Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ching Mai University, Thailand

2019  Whispering from the East: Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ

2018   Inkeee’s Intermix: Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ

2017  10.7.2017: Efatha Art Gallery , Los Angeles, California
         Line Quality: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
         KAASC C-Art Museum Exhibition: C- Art Museum, Yangpyeong, Korea
         Eight Contemporary Artists Exhibition: Gallery CLU, Los Angeles, CA

2016   Brand Forty-Four Works on Paper: Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale, CA
          Jubilation: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2014   Transforming Feminisms: South Bay Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
          Two cities the coexist around the Pacific: Geoje Art center, Geoge, Korea

2013   The 9h GwangHwaMun International Art Festival: SeJong Museum, Seoul, Korea
          Small Works Big Art: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2012   The 8th GwangHwaMun International Art Festival: SeJong Museum, Seoul, Korea
          Clay: Perceptions & Perspective: lee & lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2011   Korean American Day Celebration Artists Exhibition: Gallery Western, Los Angesls,CA

2010   Selected of the Selected: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA  (juried invitational)
          A Fine Line: Zask Gallery, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
          WeHo@25: Gallery WeHo, West Hollywood, CA (juried invitational)

2009   Cho, Eddings, Gluckstein and Hosmer: Art Rental & Sales Gallery, LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

2008    Stratification: Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA

2007   Healing: A Cultural Exploration: The Craft and Fork Art Museum, Los Angeles,  CA

2006   Surface tension: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA (juried invitational)
          Process: Sarah Lee Artwork & Projects, Santa Monica, CA

2005    30 Artists: Lotus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
           Print Exhibition of 9 Artists: J.D Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004    International Contemporary Arts: Jeju Contemporary Museum of Art, Jeju, Korea

2002    Seoul Auction: Seoul Auction House, Seoul, Korea
           Formation-Union/Reunion: Santa Fe Community College Visual Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
           S&M/ sublime & mystique: Zone six, Los Angeles, California
           18 Korean American Mid Career Artists Exhibition: Joong- Ang Gallery, L.A., CA

2001    A new Beginning/the NOHO Arts Festival: North Hollywood, California
            Venice Art Walk 2001, Silent Auction: Venice, California

2000    Knowable Objects: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California  
            (juried invitational)
            Dae Jon/ L.A. Contemporary Art Exhibition-The Homogeneity & Heterogeneity: Dae Jon, Korea
            Spiritual Practices: Rituals, Icons, and Faiths: Korean American Museum, Los Angeles, CA

1999    Millennium Art Exhibition: Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
            Drawing the Line: Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, Scripps College, Claremont, CA
            Small Pleasure: Sabina-Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
            First Invitational Group Show:  Lotus Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1998    East meet West in the South Bay: Articulture gallery, Hormosa Beach, California
            LA 98: Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1996    L.A. Current: The Female Perspective: The Armand Hammer Museum, UCLA Art Rental &Sales Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
            Who’s Afraid of Freedom: Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach,   California

1995    Blossoms-Drawings by Sculptors: Gallery-4, Los Angeles, CA

1994    Looking East: Irvine Valley College Gallery Hall, Irvin, California
           Heart to Heart/ Five Contemporary artists: Cafe gallery, Los Angeles, California
           L.A. Rhythms: Spring Street Gallery, Los Angeles, California
           Organized Nature: Korean cultural Center, Los Angeles, California
           The Asian Spirit in Contemporary California Art: Occidental College The Liberal    Arts Gallery,Los Angeles, CA

1993    Watts Third World Art Festival:  Los Angeles, California

1991    Subtle Extreme: Gallery 5, Santa Monica, California
           Arte Contemporanea de Corea: Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico
           The New Abstraction of the 90's: Gallery 175, Laguna Beach, California
           California Drawing Show: Andrew-shire Gallery, Los Angeles, California
           The Exhibition of Korean Artists In Other Countries: Kum Ho Museum, Seoul, Korea

1990    Asian-American Artists in Los Angeles - 'L.A. Open Festival': Korean Cultural Service Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
           Expo 90/ Tower of Life: Osaka, Japan
           The Soul: Minus Zero Gallery, Torrance, California
           East Meets West/Message form Los Angeles Artists: Ginza Gallery, Tokyo & Nagoya,  Japan

1989   All City Art Open: Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
          Pacific Rim Between Time and Space: Den Art Salon, Los Angeles, CA
          Two Women Show: Steve Hazard Gallery, Venice, California
          L.A. Artists/ Mail Art from Los Angeles: Ginza Gallery, Tokyo & Nagoya, Japan

1988   Revelations: Art Rental & Sales Gallery, L.A. County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

1987    Exchange Exhibitions: Art Cosmos Center, Seoul, Korea

1986    Cho, Wheeler, Wood: L.A. Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles, California
           Dimensions of Mystery: Century Gallery, Sylmar, California
           Common Ground: Brockman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
           Cross Pollination: Bridge Gallery, City Hall, & Women's Building Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1984    1st Annual Sculpture Show: Long Beach Art Gallery, Long Beach, California
           Korean Women Artists: The Woman’s Building Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
           Korean-American Expressions: University Art Gallery, Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, California
           12th Annual Juried Arts Exhibition: Hill Country Arts Foundation Gallery, Hill Country, Texas
           L.A. 84 Brand Exhibitions: Brand Gallery, Glendale, California
           The Asian Spirit in Contemporary Art: M.M. Shino Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1983    The 2nd Annual Invitational Current Korean-American Sensibilities:
           Korean Cultural Service Gallery, New York, New York
           Basic Black & White: Century Gallery, Sylmar, California
           The North American Sculpture Exhibitions: Foothills Art Center, Foothills,     Colorado
           The Exhibition of Asian American Artists in L.A.: Gallery Scope, Los Angeles, CA
           Four Korean Women Artists: Eighth Street Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
           Pacific Regional '83: Old Cabrillo Museum, San Pedro, California

1982    LACKA Exhibition: Sam Il Gallery, Los Angeles, California
           Three Person Show: L.A. Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles, California
           LACKA Exhibition: 1-16 Gallery, Los Angeles, California
           Hayward Area Forum of the Arts: Hayward, California
           Research and Exhibition of Korean Modern Artists: Hae Young Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1981    Winter in Sinchon: Sinchon, Seoul, Korea

1980    Yun Ji Exhibition: Fine Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
           77 Exhibition: Fine Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1978    Seven Meter Street: Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea
           Pusan Contemporary Exhibition: Pusan City Hall, Pusan, Korea
           6th Indepenants: The National Museum of Modern Arts, Seoul, Korea
           3-D Exhibition: Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1977    772 Exhibition: Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea
           771 Exhibition: Publication Culture Hall Gallery, Seoul, Korea



1988    Inn keeping - Hope: Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
           Tower of Belief: Korean Cultural Service Gallery & Ardmore Park, Los Angeles, CA
1987    Tower of Belief - Asian Eyes: Wallenboyd Theatre, Los Angeles, CA



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2016    A-1 Pacific Beach Self Storage: (2740 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92109)
2010    Ronald Tutor Campus Center, University of southern California: Art & Trojan
           Traditions Call for Art Community Winner
2003    Hacienda Condo Art Project: (1146 N. Hacienda Place W. Hollywood, CA)
           Taking Flight: Migration Dreams/ the Past, Present, and Future of Immigration in
           Koreatown: Koreatown Galleria (3250 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90006)
           A-1 Self Storage: (5310 Vineland Ave. N. Hollywood, CA 91601)
2002    NoHo Regional Arts Council
           NoHo Arts District Streetscape Improvements Project
2001    Valley South Regional Arts Council  Chandler Outdoor Gallery: (10822 Chandler Blvd. N. Hollywood, CA 91601)
1986    Cross Pollination, Publishing grant



BFA Hong-Ik University of Fine Art, Seoul Korea
MFA California State University Long Beach
American Animation Institute
University of California Los Angeles
Architecture and Design