Hyunsook Cho


Influences of Surrealism, Minimalism, and Conceptualism, my works are a simple form of two and three dimensional, sometimes abstract form, and at other times more representative, which express my thoughts and experiences.

I pursue my artistic practice by documenting the place I visited and the people I met, creating a road map, which orients myself as an artist seeking direction.

As a Korean-American artist, my work is rooted in both cultures. My works come to grips with mortality and includes themes of seasonal cycles that accept death and rebirth through artistic expression.

I feel a responsibility to create these works without allowing the uniqueness of both cultures to be watered down in the synthesis. I remain truthful to the rich-ness and diversity of each while celebrating the humanity and spirit of this emerging world esthetic — a family of humanity and art that transcends all time and cultural differences.


  Hyunsook Cho